About Us

The Company is owned by Ian Lee, who has 35 years experience in the building industry.

Over the years Ian and his team spent the past 25 years refurbishing and constructing new houses, all carrying the NHBC 10 year guarantee, all within the Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire area. The company is also part of the CITB which ensures our skills remain at the competitive edge within the industry whilst ensuring safety first.

The team have worked for a large variety of architects, structural engineers, property management companies, estate agents and councils, as well as private clients, all of which have been extremely pleased with the professional workmanship and integrity of the company.

The business has thrived over the years based upon recommendation only. The company employs six highly skilled workers and uses highly trained sub contractors where necessary. The workforce have been with the company for a number of years, ranging from three to twenty with each member being highly skilled in all aspects of construction and property maintenance.

The scheduled hours of work are from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

All active sites are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.


Our Goals

Our goals help us to fulfil our aim of being firmly positioned amongst all local house builders within the Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire regions whom recognise us for the excellence of our work.

  • Understand the clients requirements from the earliest stages of design and construction to ensure the best quality is delivered.
  • To resolve any problem big or small and deliver the final build solution.
  • To ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the work completed.
  • To ensure a lifelong relationship is retained between the client and Ian Lee Builder.

The Team

The Company consists of 6 full time employees and Ian Lee who is the Director of the company and regulates and contributes to all onsite activity

All employees are multi-skilled with the ability to troubleshoot, repair and provide any client with the best solution to any project.  The company also provides onsite training with the workmen through the CITB.

  • Ian Lee - Director
    35 years with the company
  • Paul Taylor -
    25 years with the company
  • Tony Brant -
    25 years with the company
  • Neil Beggs -
    17 years with the Company
  • Darren Austin -
    12 years with the Company
  • Ben Lee -
    6 years with the Company
  • Richard Langley -
    4 years With the Company